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We craft luck

We help PNJ refresh the brand and make their products more relevant to younger groups of Millennial women on the Tet occasion.


Since 2018, PNJ has joined Tet communication.

PNJ has transformed to become a retail brand (not a consumer brand). This campaign is initiated by PNJ Gold team (known for the highest contribution to business) who wants to drive revenue growth by 15% (compared to 2020, before COVID)


While PNJ has been actively transforming their brand to be more attractive to younger groups of audiences, their communication message on Tet is really heavy to solid gold buyers (who are currently 40+).

A few brands (within PNJ umbrella) have targeted young Millenials (PNJ Silver, Jemma), however, they have not gained successful brand recognition & brand relevance yet.

The Thought & Strategy

The Thoughts

We identify that PNJ lacks of a communication platform to consistently communicate during Tet.

1. True to the brand: During the last 3 years, communication varies from prosperity, luck, beauty, fresh new start. It lacks a true identity (and consistency) of brand character itself compared to other branded jewelry players.

2. True to the product: While Tet’s product is shifting away from gold plate or gold ring, the communication story is still heavily around them. The meaning of new collections are neglected.

3. True to target audience: Mid and late Millennials don’t buy gold ring for the sake of prosperity and/or investment. They think of alternative choices and brands.

Observation & Insight

We see 4 major things that impact the insight and ideas:

  1. Considering 35+ women as not a source of significant growth for this category, we suggest the communication focus on a wider audience group of 30-35 year-old women.
  2. The combination of gold and precious stones make the collection more lifestyle and fashionable.
  3. There’s a shift from favoring science knowledge to discovering universe knowledge within the younger group of audiences. They now seek for guidance form tarot, spiral dynamics, Tibet or books like Muôn Kiếp Nhân Sinh. We also see such change of mind in Western movies like Avenger, Dr. Strange. This is not about superstitious like previous generation but about spiritually universe knowledge.
  4. COVID makes people think more about healthcare, luck and strong mind to move on.


We craft luck

Communication Platform

Tâm Trao Điều Hay, Đón Chào Duyên May

Creative Message

Creative Execution

Unlike rings or gold bars, jewelry is a combination of gold and colorful gemstones that increase the fashion and style of its owner. These stones are the accumulation (and crystallization) of cosmic energy for millions of years. Though not everyone is suitable for all stones, each of these stones (Diamond, Ruby, Topaz or Moon stone) can bring a specific energy source that is compatible or incompatible with a particular person.

PNJ believes that buying oneself jewelry with precious stones is a good choice to start a new year. Good Luck comes from the positive energy of carefully selected (cosmic) stones and perfectly carved by the talented hands of our jewelers.

‍To kick off the new communication platform, we rejuvenate the brand by:

- Create a thematic video with media effective run

- Build a series of content to amplify the platform

- Make a series of content to promote PNJ’s Tet key products to drive sales (PNJ is becoming a retail brand, not a consumer brand)

PNJ Tet collection is introduced as a fashion lookbook that reflects the new portrait of modern woman while keeping the soul of product and core platform.

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- ‍Define a platform for PNJ to use across communication and trade the next years.

- Successfully (luckily) sales out all new Tet’s collection by the 10th day of Tet, hit 135% of the business KPI, despite COVID context of 2021 Tet. This is also a new sale record to be set back then.

- Client agrees to allow DNA to work on 2 new Gold projects (in 2021) without pitching.

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