Case Study

Make MSB great again

DNA collaborates with MSB team to transform the new branding & core values into insightful content and create a nationwide engagement to foster the brand mission towards customers.


In 2019, MSB - formerly known as Maritime Bank - changes its business strategy to focus on small and medium enterprises.

Beside the vision, values, and brand belief as the companion of individuals and small businesses, MSB also comes up with a creative idea around the spirit of  “Turning Impossibility Into Invincibility” (“Biến Bất Khả Thành Bất Khả Chiến Bại”), developed on the brand platform “Go Beyond Together” (“Cùng Vươn Tầm”).

Having such pre-established idea base, MSB needs a communication activation plan with the goal of effectively creating awareness, experience, trust and participation across the country.


To build a completely new image of MSB out of the original Maritime Bank which has been widely known since 1991, then to make it popular among the right audiences.

To make messages and communication platforms exhortative without falling into the state of cliché.

To define insights that stand out from the commonly exploited ones in the industry.

The Thought & Strategy

The Thought

We identify 3 problems: Brand Recall, unmatched Brand Attribute and Product insight, and Tet's insight. Our solution is simplified and energized as:

- The big creative idea: Let the spirit “Turning Impossibility Into Invincibility” said by not only the brand, but also the potential customers of MSB. This approach will bring multidimensionality and objectiveness to the message.

- Insight: The Banking and Finance market with its shifting focus on the SME customer group is exploiting many different aspects of the media, so MSB needs a really valuable, different, and simple insight.

- Thematic Campaign requires connection, ingenuity and accuracy among stages of the campaign.

Our Observation & Insight

DNA has a very clear point of view: This is a spiritual media story to promote process over success, and enthusiasm over achievements. Therefore, Startup Owners – the one with highest enthusiasm, are the most suitable target audience.

Starting a new business, they are most challenged by mental obstacles - skepticism and evaluation of friends and family about their decisions. Under this pressure, startups unintentionally underestimate the rest, such as financial and resource problems. However simple this insight appears, it requires very skillful and reasonable exploitation.

Social networks and online communities are chosen as the starting place for the story because of its controversial and contagious nature.


Tinh Thần Bất Khả
The Invincibility Spirit

Comunication Platform

Biến Bất Khả thành Bất Khả Chiến Bại
Turning Impossibility Into Invincibility

Creative Message

Creative Execution

For the brand spirit to play its strongest role, the story must be strong enough.
DNA determines to activate the campaign by broadcasting a could-not-be-more-controversial video on social networks.

1. “Cowardly or Not cowardly” (“Hèn hay không hèn”) – ​​a story about 2 friends we can easily meet somewhere in life – arguing whether to start a business, and leading to criticizing the other as Cowardly or Not.
2. Use integrated social media channels (Macro Influencers, Online Community, Earn Media, and Online PR) to push the story into a social issue
3. The brand not only shares the same belief, spirit, and companionship but also honors the people who start their business with the spirit of “Turning Impossibility Into Invincibility”.
4. Launch content that activates the brand experience with four core values ​​and important services for SMEs.

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It becomes the most successful campaign of MSB so far and paves a broad way for their upcoming marketing activities around the creative message “Turning Impossibility Into Invincibility” (Biến Bất Khả thành Bất Khả Chiến Bại)

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