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Empowered Woman

DNA together with Lactacyd creates an insightful message which inspires women to have confidence in their original beauty rather than that made by covering their physical flaws. The idea is implemented as an integrated campaign whose core is a special event aiming to empower every woman’s original beauty.


On the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day, Lactacyd collaborates with DNA to run a campaign which aims to increase brand and product love while tighten relationships with consumers.

Besides, the campaign in Vietnam is expected to follow the “Empowered Woman” media platform, originated for wholly Lactacyd Southeast Asia.


Lactacyd is currently the brand with the highest market share the field of femine hygiene solutions. However, it is threatened by the the development of competitors, especially Dạ Hương - an active brand in building diverse activities, communication and sales.

Meanwhile, the insight of cosmetic industry has been exploited a lot.

The Thought & Strategy

The Thoughts

Self-confidence comes from the inside beauty, not the outside.

Among the feminine hygiene product industry which normally prefers platforms around Sexuality and Product benefits, Lactacyd creates their outstanding story: Self-confidence comes from the inside beauty of women, not from their outside appearance.

DNA team determines to build up activation activities and all Media creation on this foundation, which not only aims to reach the Brand’s initial goals, but also to strongly spread the brand spirit.

Observation & Insight

The rising popularity of beauty and concealment products in the cosmetic industry has made women be unconsciously obsessed with concealed flaws, encouraged them to pursue stereotypical beauty, which at the end, left them unconfident about their original inside beauty.

DNA has an opposite perspective: What if Lactacyd inspires women not to be too obsessed with covering up their flaws, but recognize the strength of their beauty and make it what to have confidence in.


Empowered Woman

Communication Platform

Thêm yêu ưu điểm - Lan toả tự tin

The more self–confidence in original beauty,

The more confidence to inspire community.

Creative Message

Creative Execution

Produce mainstream content that encourages women to focus on their very strength - their original beauty.

Key asset: "Spread Out Your Confidence" event (“Ngày Hội Lan Tỏa Tự Tin”) - a day for women to be consulted by psychologists to overcome the guilt over their flaws, to discover their hidden strengths, to become a more confident version of themselves and to live their lives to the fullest.

Use the network of Macro & Micro influencers to create a widespread effect of the event through their participation.

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