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Neptune Gold - The Golden Drop of Prosperity

DNA helps Neptune Gold become an essential part of the Tet Ritual believed and loved to follow by everyone: To have a prosperous New Year, cook your first meal of a year with Neptune Gold.


In 2010, Neptune launches their 1st Tet’s campaign on Youtube using Dan Truong’s song. This is really progressive since social media (Youtube) is relatively new in Vietnam and using music is quite advanced back then.

Since 2014, Tet’s communication becomes much busier than ever due to the huge investment from other brands. While Tet is an important and special time for Vietnam, we only have a few insights for creative. Around 2018, having a strong insight for Tet is a tough job.

While brand team wants to experiment with new product launch and try to have new insight in “man in household”, it’s not as successful as in the past years.


After 8 years of working on the thematic message “Về Nhà Ăn Tết, Gia Đình Trên Hết”, the brand platform “reunion” is getting diluted in Tet’s communication due to massive investment from other brands with similar message and creative execution.

The brand recall gets high lower rate YoY and almost not recognizable by 2018.

Because the creative execution focus on “the-way-home”, it lost the moments where brand can highlight the product’s use. While the brand value is challenged by others, the product’s appearance getting weak as product placement and becomes forced rather than naturally placed.

The Thought & Strategy

The Thought

We identify 3 problems: Brand Recall, unmatched Brand Attribute and Product insight, Tet’s insight. Our solution is simplified and energized as:

1. Brand recall: instead of having brand’s logo or the name within the stories, the brand character “Neptune God” will be the central-and-crucial hero to make changes. In future, Neptune God will gradually becomes the representative of Prosperity God in communication.

2. Tet’s insight: While Tet’s reunion is there, we shift 2 things: less talk about home-coming journey, more about home welcoming; instead of home-welcoming meal, now it’s about Tet-celebrating meal.

3. Un-aligned Brand/Product: the story must be conceptualized on moment where we can highlight product’s usage and amplify brand attribute.

Observation & Insight

Tet is a new chapter for a new year, so every-first-thing you do, is important and somehow spiritual. You walk in you house after “Giao Thừa”, it’s “Xông Đất” (important right). You open your laptop to work in Tet, it’s “khai máy” (spiritual right); You worship & pray for successful on 1st day back to work, it’s “khai trương” (well definitely spiritual); the list goes on...

With Mom, the 1st meal of Tet is really imporant: it must have all grand family’s members (no matter where you work or live) and the happiness the meal is, the prosperous the family will be.

But there’s one thing: while 1st thing is important, why Moms don’t take Tet-1st-meal-cooking a bit spiritual; when dropping cooking oil is always the 1st thing to start cooking?

The wish should start earlier, when she drops the 1st drop of golden Neptune cooking oil and whisper her thought of prosperity to family’s member when cooking. This is the new insight for Neptune Tet’s communication platform.


Family Prosperity


Giọt Dầu Vàng Khởi Ngàn Tài Lộc
The Golden Drop of Prosperity


Creative Execution

Leverage music platform from Neptune in the past years, we refresh the brand by:

- Using a very familiar Tet’s song (leverage current platform)

- Create a new song lyrics that fits the concept (refresh the music)

- Create aligned owned assets and run media effectively (digital approach)

  • full MV in ~3 minutes aired in digital (entertainment channels);
  • chorus (30 seconds) to become TVC aired on digital / LCD / other media;
  • refreshed Tet’s packaging design to align communication platform;
  • create PR/ content/ social to amplify the new creative idea.
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After only one month, our TVC “Welcoming the Spring of Fortune” has reached the milestone of more than 15 million views and become the top 3 most viewed TVCs during the 2019 New Year holiday.

More importantly, the Tet campaign with the message "The Golden Drop of Prosperity" helps Neptune increase sales impressively: the Neptune 2019 New Year gift box is already sold out 2 weeks before Tet.

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