Case Study


To have a product and brand campaign that strengthens the proposition of Fico-YTL as one the best cement for durable foundation, column, beam and slab.


Fico-YTL Cement and their hero product "Supreme" offer superior durability to the market.

Under the pressure of other competitors (like INSEE) already leveraging digital media to enhance their brand awareness, Fico-YTL has to change its communication strategy to match the general position.

Available communication activities favor demonstrating the product's strengths (Supreme Power) over creating a specific connection to the brand (Fico-YTL).


DNA recognizes 3 key problems:

1. The brand "Fico-YTL" hasn't had a distinct position in the minds of their users (contractors, homeowners, etc.)

2. Brands and products haven't been linked through media platform material.

3. The hero product has outstanding advantages but they have not been fully exploited.

The Thought & Strategy

The Thought

Unify the communication platform of brands and products based on the brand's vision and beliefs, along with establishing Brand Love through emotional connection.

Develop distinctive strengths of products to create awareness and positioning for products and brands.

Observation & Insight

“Build a Strong Foundation for a Better Future”  – The brand's core beliefs and values ​​are the perfect foundation for building brand awareness through emotional connections. This creates not only a sense of familiarity but also a close connection with ordinary individuals, especially those who are looking forward to building a strong foundation for future society.

The Supreme Power product, trusted by 97% of contractors, is a powerful and convincing differentiator as it directly creates long-term benefits for a durable home over time.


Xây Nền Tương Lai
Build a Strong Foundation for a Better Future

Creative Message

Creative Execution

Brand Manifesto - Build a Strong Foundation for a Better Future

Affirm Brand Trust by honoring ordinary people who strive for Vietnam’s bright future.

Creative Execution

Product TVC

The significant difference: Focus on contractors who influence decision makers on product purchase (Homeowners), with a familiar creative approach with target group's culture (funny, witty).

Brand materials

For digital and traditional channels (Key Visual, PR Articles, Tet publications, etc.)

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We have brought pleasure to the client by:

- Founding Fico-YTL's communication platform on the brand's core beliefs.

- Increasing Brand love and Brand pride for both internal (employees) and external stakeholders (contractors, sellers).

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