We re-imagine the experiences that help users fully understand what their future home looks like so they can make purchase decision confidently.

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Re-Imagine a Real Estate Digital Experience
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The current approach of The Real Estate Market with user experience
The Vietnam real estate market has witnessed a strong growth in the early of 2022 as a number of high-end projects with diverse concepts and modern designs are introduced. However, the user experience on most websites is simply about providing an overview information of these projects rather than a helpful purchase experience touchpoint to potential customers.

To demonstrate our concept, we use some materials from Masteries Centre Point - the project that has one of the best contemporary designs we’ve ever known.

In most real e‌state projects, website is just a simple marketing touchpoint to introduce their basic information.


Through user research, we realize that shopping or investing in a real estate product requires a lot of effort to find out information about not only the projects and their ideas but also details of the apartment one is interested in. Below are some key insights that drive us to re-imagine new digital experiences for real estate projects.

The Customer Journey and Website’s Role

Owning a home involves a complex journey, each stage of which is expected to meet a specific desire of customers.

This requires a project website to have not only a well-thought-out human-centric approach but also considerable improvements in terms of the information and features it offers.

RES Customer Journey & Website’s Role

With such a shift of focus, our re-imagined website now

Becomes a vital touchpoint for real estate enterprises to win their customers’ minds

To gain a significant competitive advantage over competitors in the context of digital transformation within the industry

The most complete experience about your
next home

Real Estate Website - Cover

#ReadIntuitive floor and layout discovery

Empathizing with the user's need to have a detailed understanding of their future apartment, we create a breakthrough feature called Apartment Finder, which allows users to find out the best option that is located in their favorite building and floor in an intuitive and easy manner, while also highlighting the core concept of the whole project.


There is a wide range of selection criteria for Vietnamese users to determine their dream apartment: its occupancy capacity for the whole family, its view towards the surrounding area, and whether its feng shui properties benefit the owner’s life, to name a few. Having that understanding in mind, we then create the Apartment Filter function to help users easily select the one that best meets all of their needs.

#ReadApartment filtering based on users’ needs


#ReadCustomized Flat Show registration

We design the Consulting Form with full of information about the apartment that the user wants to be consulted, so they can experience the purchasing process seamlessly for both online and offline selling activities


#ReadAesthetically visualize and interpret project information

All the project information is carefully visualized to make sure users can navigate, interact, and understand the content easily and intuitively.


#ReadThe leading contemporary residential living lifestyle

A simplified yet elegant art direction is applied to the website interface so that users can better relate and feel the Masteries Homes’ goal of elevating the luxury living experience.

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