Designing & developing a new digital experience that reflects the global mission of Nutifood - one of the largest dairy enterprises in Vietnam

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Nutifood is Vietnam’s leading nutrition group with strong science-based nutrition knowledge and an ambitious strategy to progressively expand its brand on a global scale.

As Vietnam is currently a bright spot amid globalization and digitalization, beyond an important connecting touchpoint, Corporate Website takes the role of affirming the corporate differences and prominence among international partners.

However, the current website of Nutifood has not yet expressed its brand philosophy's role, position, and consistency.

The new website should reflect Nutifood ambition: The global expert with local understanding


Clearly expresses Brand Purpose and Brand Positioning

Nutifood, a prominent nutrition group in Vietnam, offers science-based nutritional solutions rooted in pure natural ingredients and modern manufacturing technology.


Human-Centric design approach to deliver massive brand & product portfolio

So users can easily access a massive portfolio of high-quality products that meet the daily nutritional needs of all ages.

DNA Approach

Digital Branded Experiences
that clearly reflect brand philosophy and believe of NutifoodUX Pyramid

Nature, Science & Human

Through the website’s Art Direction, users immerse themselves in the natural purity of farms as well as the scientific environment of globally highly standardized nutrition scientists and institutes.

The Art Direction also implies Nutifood’s profound understanding of physical features and the nutritional needs of all ages by using photography of humans in daily activities.

Content strategy & Structure

#ReadNutrition expert - dedicated heart

We lead users to explore from pure natural ingredients resource - Nutifood's vast dairy cows field - to the high-tech factories, and global leading research institutes. That's how Nutifood brings out Science-based Solutions from Nutrition Experts to all their customers.

USER ENGAGEMENT - Interactive Storytelling

An intuitive way to browse all nutritional solutions for every age#Touch

On the understanding that people of different ages have different nutritional needs - from the most common to specific ones - Nutifood's experts are always dedicated to researching and creating scientific solutions that meet the nutritional needs of all ages. The group accompanies every family member in every stage of their life.

DNA delivers this story by visualizing a person's life in a heart-shaped line with milestones representing each age. Following the heart-shaped line, users can explore the nutritional needs by age and Nutifood's corresponding scientific solutions.

solution searching

#EasilyEasy to search products according to each user type

Among Nutifood's hundred high-quality products, which one matches your specific needs? This feature is created to help users easily find out their proper answers.


#EffectiveUnite brands and products under
1 design structure, backed by powerful custom-build CMS design


92+ Products

2 Templates

Nutifood Corp. currently owns 9 brands with 92+ scientific nutritional products. DNA has created an effective front-end template and CMS. This not only helps users easily capture information about the brand portfolio, products, and solutions but also makes it easier for Nutifood's internal team to update in the event of future portfolio expansion.

Brand Screen Design


NTF before product
NTF product page - Grow Do
NTF product page - Grow Do - Mobile
NTF product page 1
NTF product page 2
NTF product page 3
NTF product page 4
NTF product page 5
Responsive Design

Easy to use in different contexts, different devices

Mobile Screen Designs
custom-build CMS

CMS was build to maximize the flexibility of managing complex content and portfolio#Specific & Simple

We created this CMS as a simple tool, which supports Nutifood Corp's multi-teams for an effective collaborating working process.

CMS loginCMS dashboard

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