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Hanwha Life Vietnam is a member of Hanwha Group - one of the 7 largest corporations in Korea and in the Top 500 largest economic groups in the world.

In 2017, after about 10 years in Vietnam, they wanted to revamp their digital brand presence - the old site - with a new, innovative, and user-friendly UI design.

The Problem

Upon reviewing the old website, we discovered that the user experience (UX) issues were not only limited to the outdated UI design but also the product was not defined clearly enough for users or in an easy-to-find format. This we found as the most crucial problem that needs to be solved.

This passive nature of the offering prevented the website from realizing its full potential as a two-way interactive platform.

Reframe the Goal

#ReadImprove overall aesthetic and user experience to make the site more engaging & usable, which can lead to higher conversion rate.

#ReadHuman-Centric Design

DNA Digital worked with Hanwha Life to map out the insurance’s user personas & create their experience journeys to map out insurance product that matching users needs & wants. The team also spot out some opportunities to improve the design focus on user’s ability to understand insurance effortlessly.

#ReadWe figure out when it comes to finance, especially insurance, people always find it too complicated to choose the right plans that give them just what they need.

Persona 1: PLANNER
Characterized by those who purchase life insurance as part of a broader lifetime plan
Product focus: Education, Protection, Saving & Retirement Persona 2: PROTECTOR
Characterized by those who buy life insurance to handle a life event, more often than not, the birth of a child 
Product focus: Education, ProtectionPersona 3: OPPORT-UNISTIC BUYER
Characterized by those who buy life insurance because it becomes available, often through work 
Product focus: Protection, Retirement

#ReadCustomer Journey

The team also spot out some opportunities to improve the design focus on user’s ability to understand insurance effortlessly.

UX Solution

#ReadProtect Your Future With Less Effort

Find the right product for user protection plan
Get a Quote in 10 seconds
Make Insurance easy with auto Explanation on Financial Terms
UX Solution

#ReadAll you need, at the first view

For insurance websites, Information Architecture (IA) is what makes it or breaks it when it comes to the findability of information. Redesigning hanwhalife.com.vn was a process of cutting back on content, rewriting and testing it to ensure that users could find information that relevant to their specific needs with ease. The CTA is clear to see with a click-to-call feature available for mobile users which diverts attention to areas that drove business on the site.

UX Solution

#ReadRe-writing from scratch

We simplify the content structure of each product, keeping the important info, product highlights and essential content that help user can have a broad understanding & benefits.
Sticky menu with CTA is always ready for user if they need more information from Agent.
User can simply calculate their fee, with various choices from monthly, daily, and yearly.
Also, they can proactively select additional services to make the protection plan more comprehensive


#ReadThe new design sets the standard for Finance & Insurance website in Vietnam

Project Result

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