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Mát Dạ Bé Yêu

The Background

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd is the cooporation produce anddobusinessmilkandproductsfrommilk,wasbornat 1917. Over 100 years, Morinaga become one of two biggest milk brand in Janpan anÀ TOP 10 milk brand in the world.

LE MAY PRODUCTION, TRADING AND SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED became the exclusive distribution of Morinaga since 2010.

They start the communication campaign in 2019 and 2020 with message “Strong mom – Strong baby”, “Mẹ vữ ng vàng – Bé khỏ e tự tin” in Vietnamese. This campaign bring Morinaga brand closer to customers, encourage moms in the way they take care of chilrends.

The Problems

After 2 years of working on the thematic message “Mẹ vữ ng vàng–Békhỏetự tin”,thebrandplatformisgettingdiluted in their own communication due to they can not expand more.

Because the creative execution focus on “mom”, while the end users of products is “baby”, the product’s appearance getting weak as product placement and becomes forced rather than naturally placed.

Beside that, While Morinaga is number 1 brand milk in Japan, it’s awareness still less than other Janpanese milk brand in Viet Nam, so Client want to compete with other Japanese milk brand, to increasing their market share from 2% to 3% in the end of this year

The Thoughts

We identify 3 problems: Brand’s benefit, Product’s role, Market share. Our solution is simplified and energized as:

1. Brand’s benefit: After 2 years with platform “Mẹ vững vàng – Bé khỏe tự tin”, brand too focus on mom, lacking of clear benefits for end users

2. Product’s role: Product’s role seem to be dilute under effect from mom, it apprears weakly and not impressive enough to remember.

3. Market share: Client wants to compete with other Japanese which only take 2.4% of milk market in Vietnam, while other milk brand which come from Western, just TOP 3 International milk brand take more 25.6% of milk market in Vietnam.

Observation & Insight

There are many reasons that may make moms feel unsatisfied towards their current infant milk. But one reason that is most common and will force moms to change brand is CONSTIPATION.

It’s a serious issue that can affect negatively to the baby’s development, lead to other illnesses as well as stress and worry for moms.

A notable amount of users have to stop using competitor infant milk due to baby’s constipation, especially infant milk from Western like Similac, Friso, Enfamil,...

Moms who believe in “cool milk” to alleviate baby’s constipation, a serious issue that needs immediate action

With BB536, Bifidus factor, Lactoferrin, Morinaga helps alleviate constipation and support baby’s digestion

The Solution


Mát dạ bé yêu

The Execution

We produce and execute communication plan in full year, 2021:

Re-cover (rewrite the lyric of song “Baby shark”)

Create aligned owned assets and run media effectively (digital approach)

Full MV in ~30 seconds aired in digital (entertainment channels);

Shorten version (6-15 seconds) to becomes TVC aired in digital /Youtube/other media;

Key visual (using digital/LCD/facebook/store signs/Standee in event/other media

Created PR/content/social to amplify the new creative idea.

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